Immediate repairs to leaking or broken pipes in Mackay

At Nate Plumbing Solutions, we understand the frustrations involved when a pipe inevitably bursts. Worst of all, burst pipes can happen in the middle of the night or when you're not home. Ultimately, a burst pipe results in instant water damage and soaring water bills.

In the case of a burst pipe in your Mackay home or commercial building, call the experts at Nate Plumbing Solutions for an immediate repair service. Our fast-response team will visit your property in an instant. However, while you wait, it's highly recommended you switch off your water supply at the main right away. This can typically be found at the front of your property. For immediate-response to burst pipes, call Nate Plumbing Solutions. Our team answers to emergency calls in Mackay, Pioneer Valley, Sarina and Walkerston.
man fixing pipes — Leaking Pipes in Mackay, QLD

What causes burst pipes?

There is a wide range of contributing factors to pipes bursting. Due to the intense North Queensland weather, freezing pipes can easily be ruled out. However, blocked drains are a leading influencer of burst pipes. The build-up creates overwhelming pressure and with eventually rupture due to stress. Additionally, damaged, old and worn out pipes are also extremely prone to bursting. Wear and tear is exaggerated by using harmful chemicals and drain cleaners.